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Anthony Bremer

Anthony Bremer — Artist 

For DC-based artist Anthony Bremers, inspiration emanates from an impressionistic view of his environment combined with inner sensibilities – dreams, memories, and emotions – that all mix together into the lines and colors of his drawings. 


Entirely self-taught, Bremer has, since childhood, created imagined worlds. Some of his earliest creations started with a map portraying an imagined world’s topography, to which he would then add detailed villages and cities – each drawing its own reality, each world an infinity of possible realities. For Bremer, the joy of art continues to be in world-building. The worlds he creates now juxtapose the fantastic with a unique perspective of every day, his work capturing the ephemeral moments when energy and meaning meet.  


In 2014, Bremer began adding saturated color to his pencil and pen and ink drawings with the use of art markers, introducing a profound intensity and vivacity to his work. This use of color has been a means for Bremer to elaborate and experiment with the possibilities of his line drawings. But beyond its visual function, color also brings the emotional component of Bremer’s art to life. Color is the way he can experiment with human emotions on paper. The stratification of colors in his drawings affects both the movement of the viewer’s eyes as well as the movement of the viewer’s emotions across the image. At the core of Bremer’s work is a recognition of the vibrancy found in quotidian scenes and objects, and his drawings strive not only to reveal that energy and meaning but also to help viewers recognize it in their own everyday lives. 

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